How much is shipping?

We know how annoying extra shipping costs on checkout can be, which is why we've gotten rid of them completely! The price you see initially is the final price you pay.

    How long will my package take to be delivered?

    Toon Hub works with a network of manufacturers across the world to provide the lowest price products for our customers. As a result the processing time can be moderate, and will follow the following schedule:

    • Processing time: 2-5 days
    • Shipping time: 15-25 days

    This leads to a total delivery time of 17 - 30 days, depending on your location.

    What happens if my package is late?

    On the rare chance that your item is taking longer than outlined above, please don't panic. Firstly send an email to to confirm the status of your order, or contact us through our Contact Us Page. Our dedicated customer service team will reply as soon as possible to address your case and assist you in locating your package. If your package does not arrive, you will be entitled to a refund. You can view our Refund Policy here.